Playing In-Running Baccarat with Live Dealers

Software developer Playtech has developed a new variation on online baccarat, one complete with live dealers and the full casino experience. In-Running Baccarat adds a number of complications to the relatively straightforward game of baccarat, making it the perfect game for players looking for a challenge.

Traditional Baccarat

In traditional online baccarat, players place bets on the player, the banker or a tie. Then the player and the banker are dealt cards. The cards' values are totaled up and the winner is announced. Players win depending on who they bet on. The online version of the game often uses a random number generator to deal the cards, and the game proceeds very automatically. Players place their bets on who will have the higher hand, and their winnings are automatic.

The In-Running Baccarat Difference

The In-Running Baccarat version is a little different. Players can place bets at any time in the deal, either adding to their initial bet or cancelling it out with a bet on the opposite. This constant betting naturally requires a live dealer to pause while the bets are made and to respond in kind to those bets. Live dealers will calculate the odds and handicaps for these new bets and allow players the time they need to adjust.

Players who love the simplicity of traditional baccarat may be unprepared for the nuances of In-Running Baccarat with live dealers, but many fans have already adjusted. The game is fast becoming one of Playtech's most popular live casino games.