Mastering Triple Attack Blackjack

Blackjack is such a simple game that it is easy for casinos to make up their own variations on the classic. Triple Attack Blackjack is one such variation that breathes new life into the traditional card game. This game offers players a whole new set of rules and challenges that are sure to delight any fan of blackjack.

The Spanish Deck

Triple Attack Blackjack uses the fairly common Spanish deck of cards. In this deck, there are 48 cards instead of the normal 52 because the tens have been removed from the deck. This variation gives the house a slight edge, as it makes it slightly harder for players to make a card total of 21. Players will have to think on their toes to accommodate for the change. Those who are used to counting cards will have to completely reevalute their approach to the game.

The Basics of the Game

As the name would suggest, there are three attacks in Triple Attack Blackjack. The first attack comes when the first player makes the first bet before the cards are even dealt to the other players. Players can then decide if they want to compete with the first players attack and respond with a matching second attack. The third attack comes after the dealer overturns his or her first card. Players can decide if they want to continue and make their final attack.

This variation on the classic game is sure to provide plenty of challenge to fans of traditional blackjack. The three bet system in Triple Attack Blackjack allows players to bet more aggressively, but it also allows them to bow out of the game without any major losses.