Lucky Charms and Numbers: Roulette Superstitions

The game of roulette is part math and probability and part superstition. While plenty of players put their faith in math when they play, others believe in lucky charms. A few superstitions about the game persist.

Lucky Numbers

Plenty of roulette players are willing to put their faith in lucky numbers. They believe that certain numbers are more likely to return a win than others. For example, a player who had a 10 on his jersey during a lucky season for his basketball team might insist on always betting on 10 during roulette. Birthdays, anniversaries and house numbers are also thought to be lucky.

Gambler's Fallacy

Some players prefer to bet on numbers that have yet to win as they think it's time for those numbers. The law of average somewhat supports this superstition. For example, in European roulette, the number 1 will come up on one spin out of 37, on average. However, it's not guaranteed to come up on the 37th spin just because it didn't come up on the previous 36.

Lucky Charms

Another popular belief is that holding a certain object such as a four leaf clover or rabbit's foot during a game improves a person's chances of winning. For some people, a lucky charm is a garment that they always wear when playing. A person is more likely to keep carrying around a good luck charm if he or she won in the past while holding it.

Faith in a Higher Power

It's not uncommon to see a player praying to a higher power before a spin. Players might try to bargain with a god, saying that they'll be more faithful if they win. Sometimes, a player might win after prayer, but not always. This is a matter of preference, though, and there will always be those who swear by it.

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